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2 May 2013

O’Leary’s Open for Business; Would you let him Handle Your Mortgage?

It was back in November that Kevin O’Leary, known around Canada for being a financial guru, but even more as the greedy dragon of the bunch on the television show Dragon’s Den, said that he was going to start his own mortgage business. Already having a mutual fund company and a winery, why not take on…

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1 May 2013
How Small Details Can be So Important in Real Estate Deals

It’s a lesson that one Toronto buyer recently learned a very hard way. When you’re involved in a real estate transaction, especially one that becomes tricky at some point along the way, it never hurts to double check, and then triple check. And then check again. Because when you don’t, it could end up costing…

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29 April 2013
What is a Location Efficient Mortgage?

There may be a new type of mortgage product coming to Canada, the location efficient mortgage. And if it’s allowed on the market, it will be good for sellers in major city centres to make top dollar from their home; will give buyers more purchasing power; and will even clear up some of the congestion…

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11 April 2013
What are First-Time Buyers Spending?

Bank of Montreal recently conducted a survey among first-time home buyers in Canada, asking them what price ranges they’re looking at, how much of a down payment they’re expecting to make, and how long they think they’ll have their mortgage. The results may sound encouraging, but are first time buyers kidding themselves in some areas?…

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9 April 2013
Most Canadians think they won’t be Mortgage-Free Until Age 57

It seems as though we can certainly forget about Freedom 55. For now anyways. According to a recent survey conducted by CIBC, the average Canadian homeowner believes that they won’t pay off their mortgage entirely until they are the age 57.That’s well before retirement for most people, but it’s also two years later than what…

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2 April 2013
Everything else is Cheaper in the States; are Mortgages, too?

As Canadians, we’re used to paying more than Americans for certain goods. Magazines, books, clothing, and even chocolate bars are priced more expensive on this side of the border than our southern counterparts. But when it comes to mortgages, who pays more? Americans or Canadians? At first glance, it does seem as though, once again,…

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6 March 2013
Now it’s Even Easier to get Those Farm Mortgages!

No, farm mortgages haven’t had their rules drastically changed to make them easier to obtain. But the fact that farmers are set to have much higher income levels in 2012 than in 2011 means that they’ll now have more money to use for those farm mortgages! It’s the annual Farm Income Forecast that’s prepared by…

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