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29 November 2023

CMI Housing Affordability Watch: What Analysts Missed in the Fall Economic Update

CMI monitors the latest developments and offers insights on solutions to Canada’s housing affordability crisis In the wake of the federal government’s Fall Economic Statement, released on November 21, expert and media analysis has focused primarily on future government housing spending. However, there are a few other items that warrant a closer look. CMHC losing…

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28 November 2023
How Long Before the Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rates?
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22 November 2023
CMI Housing Affordability Watch: Show Me the Money – Navigating Financing Challenges for Missing Middle Housing Projects

CMI monitors the latest developments and offers insights on solutions to Canada’s housing affordability crisis In the late 1970s and 1980s, we saw a continuous decline in purpose-built rental units in Ontario and, to a lesser extent, across the country. However, rental units continued to enter the market in a different form – through the…

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20 November 2023
Housing Market Malaise

After a rapid series of hikes that saw the Bank of Canada’s policy interest rate climb from 0.25% to 5.0% over 18 months, the central bank held firm in its last two meetings. Most analysts anticipate that the Bank will maintain its current stance. However, uncertainty over this stance combined with a deceleration in the…

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15 November 2023
CMI Housing Affordability Watch: Don’t Count on Tax Incentives for Mom-and-Pop Real Estate Investors

Small-time real estate investors have formed the backbone of Canada’s housing rental market. Despite data indicating that individual investors have been a growing share of the housing market, I don’t believe these figures tell a story that mom-and-pop investors are crowding out home buyers.  Overall home buying activity has fallen significantly with the rise in…

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14 November 2023
Renewal Redux – Assessing the Risk as Payment Shock Looms

Earlier this month, the Bank of Canada voiced concern over variable rate mortgages. Worries stem from the growing balances some borrowers are facing in the wake of a rapid rise in interest rates. This so-called negative amortization occurs when interest costs exceed a borrower’s fixed mortgage payment, and the shortfall is added to the outstanding…

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8 November 2023
Mortgage Renewals Keeping the Bank of Canada on the Sidelines

At the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance on October 30th, Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem said the decision to hold rates was driven by the anticipated economic impact of upcoming mortgage renewals. Macklem explained that the effect of previous rate hikes is still filtering through the economy, including through mortgage renewals, and…

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