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30 December 2009

Is it Wise to Use Your Home as a Retirement Fund?

Almost none of my friends at this point in their lives work for an employer that has a pension plan. My parent’s generation counted on having pensions when they retired, but for my generation it’s unheard of.

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23 December 2009
Mortgages: Canada vs. U.S.

I’ve recently seen a number of articles discussing the differences between the Canadian and U.S. banking systems.

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18 September 2009
The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process

Prospective home buyers are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-approval before even beginning the process of looking for a new home.

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12 August 2009
Canadian Mortgage Market Loses Wells Fargo

The announcement by Wells Fargo that it is ceasing to offer consumer mortgages in Canada caught many industry observers by surprise.

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