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CMI Financial Group Canada’s Premier Private Mortgage Lender

Who We Are

CMI’s mission is to provide transparent and flexible mortgage solutions to borrowers, while delivering attractive and consistent annual returns to investors. The company’s four businesses work in unison to seamlessly originate, underwrite, fund and service private mortgages end-to-end for borrowers and investors, ensuring an unparalleled turnkey experience.

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, banks have taken an increasingly cautious approach to lending. That shift has left a growing number of borrowers frozen out of the traditional lending space and created a substantial gap in the market. That’s where CMI comes in.

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A New Class of Investing

CMI offers a whole mortgage investment program for high-net-worth investors interested in funding an entire mortgage transaction. Depending on their investment objectives and risk tolerance, CMI mortgage investors can earn anywhere from 6% to 16% annually.

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Mortgage Investing Made Easy

Mortgage investment Corporations, or MICs are one of the easiest ways to gain direct exposure to the mortgage market. CMI offers three distinct funds, with target yields tied to specific risk and return profiles.

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Broker-focused Mortgage Lending

We work exclusively with brokers to secure mortgage financing quickly and easily. Today, we’re known as Canada’s premier private mortgage lender, with access to more than $1 billion in the capital.

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Comprehensive Mortgage Services

CMI Mortgage Services, the company’s in-house mortgage administration team, fully manages every CMI Canadian Mortgages Inc. originated mortgage. From managing repayment and borrower correspondence, to statement requests and discharges, CMI takes care of everything.

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Over $2 Billion in Mortgage Investments
6% to 16% Annualized Return
2,755 Mortgages Under Administration
$780 Million in Assets Under Administration

Private Lending. Tailored specifically for you.

Private lending is the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s mortgage industry, and CMI originates more mortgages than any private lender in the country. CMI’s values drive its lending practices based on the belief that every borrower deserves a fair and transparent borrowing experience. Guided by this ethos, CMI has become an industry leader in the alternative lending and investment space. Since 2015, it has put more than $1 billion in private mortgage funds in the hands of Canadians, offering a lifeline to borrowers who don’t fit in the traditional lending box, and providing investors with access to high-quality, real-estate backed mortgage investments.

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