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1 July 2019

How to best leverage your home equity

A house fulfills the basic need for shelter, the typical homebuyer refers to it as an “investment,” they don’t usually mean that the property will yield any financial returns. However, a house can also be a wealth-building asset—if you know how to leverage your equity properly.

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29 November 2015
Jay Moore

Mortgage Ageny License: M10002600 I bring 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, private mortgage investing, arranging mortgages for both bank clients as well as for subprime clients unable to qualify for low rate prime products due to credit issues, nature of employment (contract or self-employed) or those new to Canada. Having seen thousands…

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17 January 2014
RRSP Contributions Down Around Country

One of the main headlines lately has been how this year, there are fewer Canadians making RRSP contributions than last year. When we came across the article in the Financial Post, we had to share not only the stats they had, but also the expert opinions within that made guesses as to the reason for the lower…

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15 January 2014
Should Canada Follow the U.K. when it Comes to Mortgages for Contractual Individuals?

Self-employed mortgages were all but eliminated in Canada a couple of years ago. But now, there’s a model that’s working in the U.K., and it’s got brokers thinking about whether or not it’s something that would also work in Canada. And there’s one in particular that thinks it’s really something we should consider. “Today there…

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14 January 2014
Buying a Pre-Construction Condo?

We’ve all heard the stories. Someone, whether they’re simply a buyer or an investor, buys a unit in a condo development before construction has even began. By the time the building is fully built and ready to move in, that buyer either moves in with little inconvenience, or they sell it and make a great…

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13 January 2014
Canadians Working Longer Hours

Do you feel as though you spend all your time at work? We’re talking about more than just working through lunches and taking some work home with you every night (which we also agree, is still working too much.) But are you going in six or seven days a week? And spending 10-12 hours a day…

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12 January 2014
Will Mortgages become even Tougher to get in 2014?

We’ve talked a lot this week about mortgage rules, and whether or not Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is going to tighten them even further. One industry player says that while he does expect this year to get tougher for those looking for mortgages, changes aren’t going to come from the Finance Minister, but rather the…

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