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22 October 2018

Types of mortgages in Canada and how they apply to you

Before deciding the types of mortgages that may be right for you, you’ll have to make another important decision – the type of lender you’d like to work with.

In Canada, there are three main types of lenders: A lenders (banks, credit unions an[…]

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24 September 2018
Buying a home in Canada: Everything you need to succeed
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28 August 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Reverse Mortgages For Canadians

The latest census report released by Statistics Canada shows that there are more senior citizens who are 65 years and above than children who are 15 years and below. This unprecedented demographic shift can be attributed to the first baby boom generation recently turning 65 years or over, plus improved life expectancy. And, this pattern…

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9 May 2018
Top 10 Canadian Cities To Live In
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28 April 2018
5 common ways to pay for home renovations

Making improvements to your home can improve its look and feel, increase its value, and enhance functionality. Even if you have some great ideas for home renovations, the most significant challenges arise when it comes to actually paying for your project.

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14 April 2018
The 10 Worst Places To Live In Canada: Your 2018 Guide

In 2012, we wrote a series of articles about the worst cities to live in Canada. We looked at a variety of factors, such as the real estate market, the amount of crime, the amount of health care available, and what incomes are like in any particular area.

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4 May 2017
Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Options for Canadian Homeowners

For many Canadian homeowners, paying off debt is the number one priority for achieving financial health. Here we explore various debt consolidation and refinancing options Canadian homeowners can choose from to achieve financial freedom once and for all.

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