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9 May 2013

Smoking in Your Home? It will Make it Harder to Sell!

Recently we linked to an article on the Everyday Money blog that stated that smokers who smoke in their homes are likely to sacrifice up to 23 per cent of their home’s value when it comes time to sell. The reason? Smoking has become a faux pas in today’s society, and it’s something that few…

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23 March 2013
How to Sell a Home in the Spring

When our thoughts start to turn towards the spring housing market, we often imagine a huge influx of buyers hitting the pavement and looking at house after house after house. But for all of those houses, there’s at least one seller, and these sellers often need some tips too! Here are some ways that you…

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20 February 2013
How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Home staging is a simple concept that can do a lot for your home, especially when it’s on the market and you’re trying to sell. And in today’s market, sellers are using every trick in the book in order to not only find a buyer for their home, but also to get top dollar for…

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15 September 2012
Sabotaging the Sale

When most people sell their home, they’re usually in a rush to do so. Either they’re relocating to somewhere quite far away; they simply can’t afford to make mortgage payments any longer; or they’ve already purchased a home and don’t want to pay two mortgages. There’s always a reason that sellers want to unload their…

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26 February 2012
How can you Save Money on your Home? Stay in it!

Homeowners are always looking to save money on their homes. Whether it’s by installing energy efficient appliances, making renovations that increase the value, or just turning lights off when they leave a room – it’s clear that we don’t want to spend a penny more on our homes than we have to. But what’s really…

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24 October 2011
Closing Costs, Part 3: Who Pays for What?

In the first part of our mini-series looking at closing costs, we talked about just how important they are, and just how expensive they can be. If you’ve been following, you’re probably a little worried about them yourself now, and are ready to jump at the chance to have someone else pay them. Well, it’s true. It’s very common for sellers to pay the closing costs, and some lenders will even pitch in when it comes time to get a mortgage, and to start talking about closing costs with your mortgage broker. In part 3 of our mini-series, we’ll look at just who you can expect to pay what closing costs, as well as how that process works.

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30 September 2011
Canadian Home Prices at an All-Time High

Don’t worry about what the rest of the world is doing – if you’re Canadian and you’re selling your house right now, you’re likely to get top dollar for it, according to a recent report from the Teranet-National Bank Composite House Price Index. As of July 2011, resale home prices rose on the Index to 146.51, the highest it’s ever been. But what does that mean exactly?

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