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How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

20 February 2013

Home staging is a simple concept that can do a lot for your home, especially when it’s on the market and you’re trying to sell. And in today’s market, sellers are using every trick in the book in order to not only find a buyer for their home, but also to get top dollar for it. Home staging can definitely help with that. But where to begin? Home staging involves making your home look and feel as inviting and appealing as you can. It’s those “little things” that turn a sound house into a warm and inviting home. And with these tricks, you’ll be able to get your home staged for that next showing in no time!

Look Outwards
With home staging so many homeowners become preoccupied with keeping the interior clean, and making sure there’s always a fresh pot of coffee ready to be brewed. These are important home staging tricks too, but the first thing buyers will see will be the exterior of it – and that’s when they’ll first start to form their opinion. Of course you need to make sure that snow and ice are always cleared, that your lawn is cut, and certainly that there’s no extra trash or debris hanging around. But up your home’s curb appeal another notch by placing flowers, plants, and a new door mat by the entryway. This will instantly make them feel welcome, and like your house would be a very good home!

Get Rid of what You Don’t Need
You’re moving anyway, so why do you need all that stuff still all over the place? Go through all your things (yes, all of them) and see what you don’t need any more. Throw it away or donate it to charity. If there are things you do need in the future, but not right away, pack them away in a box and put the box in the garage or in storage. Remember that you want other people to be able to picture living in your home – which means any personal items or mementos should also be stashed away until you find your next home (or at least until you sell this one!)

Clean, Clean, and Clean Again
Cleaning is a must when your home is on the market – and it’s something you’re going to need to do a little bit of every day. Always make sure your home is ready to show at a moment’s notice (because it might need to be,) and always have it spick and span. When doing huge cleanings, try to do them the day before so the house doesn’t smell like disinfectant when potential buyers arrive. If you find it challenging to keep on top of house cleaning all the time (and you very well could,) hire home cleaners that can do some of it for you.

Make sure Your Home “Blends” Together
If you have a sunny yellow kitchen, one pink bedroom, one olive green bedroom, and one light blue bedroom, your home will appear chopped up – and smaller – to buyers. If needed, repaint in neutral colours so that the home flows together, and looks bigger too!

Be ‘Sense’-ible About it
Just about every seller knows the trick of baking cookies just before a showing to get that warm, inviting smell around the home, but it goes well past that, too. Appeal to all their senses, and not just their nose. Throw soft blankets over a reading chair, and hang soft hand towels in the bathroom – these will appeal to buyers’ sense of touch!

These are just a few of the best staging tricks professional stagers use to sell your home quickly, and get as much as possible for it. But even just by using these few strategies, you’ll be amazed at how much better your home looks, and how quickly they help it sell!


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