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17 September 2012

Will a Condo or a House be a Better Home for You?

The decision to buy a home or a condo is one that many wrestle with when they get out into the housing market. A condo in most parts is much cheaper than a single-family home; but condos have association fees that don’t come with being a homeowner. So, which is the best buy? To figure…

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5 September 2012
Real Toronto Condo Trouble

Talk about a bubble bursting all you want. For many Toronto condo owners, the problem lies not within rising property values or a market that’s far too hot. It’s about putting your trust in the wrong hands. Those condo owners are the ones who purchased units that belonged to Channel Property Management. Channel was overseen…

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1 September 2012
Toronto’s Condo Market to be Supported by Many Factors

There’s been a ton of worry about the condo market in Toronto. Too many units are on the market, too few buyers are available for them, and yet starts continue on. Just a quick look at the simple chart below shows that if we continue at this pace, we could certainly be headed for some…

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16 August 2012
When Hotels Become Condos

Have you ever stayed at a really nice hotel and wished you could live there? Housekeeping and room service included? Well aside from these nice amenities that make a visit to a hotel just that, you could soon actually be living that hotel lifestyle should you choose. That’s should you buy one of the newest…

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3 August 2012
Toronto Condos a Drain on Toronto Hospitals

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney have expressed a concern about the growing amount of Toronto condo home purchasing that’s been happening over the last couple of years. And perhaps an even bigger concern – the amount of development that’s still going on. All of this, and at a time…

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20 August 2011
Trying to Choose Between a Condo or a House?

For many, the choice is easy. The benefits of living in a condominium are far too great to overlook. No weekends spent cutting the grass, no worrying about small repairs, and you might even get a swimming pool or tennis court thrown in. Others can’t stand the thought of additional condo fees on top of a mortgage, neighbours crammed up against each other, and small living quarters. For these homeowners, a house is the only way to go. But what if you can see yourself living in either a condo, or a house?

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4 June 2010
More Parents Purchasing a Condo for Their Children

A TD Canada Trust Survey Indicates That More Parents are Purchasing Condos for Their Sons or Daughters.

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