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26 July 2016

Ottawa’s Condominium Conundrum

Every real estate market has its stories, and one of the most interesting ones in the nation’s capital is that of condominiums.

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16 April 2013
Toronto Developers get Creative with Condos

Just this morning we talked about the climbing number of condos in Montreal. In that post we talked about how sellers are going to have to start listening to the market, and bring their prices down. In Toronto though, it’s a different story. Here developers have already built their condos, and many have been left…

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16 April 2013
Want a Great Price on a Condo? Go to Montreal!

Toronto has been getting a lot of bad press lately for the amount of condos that are present within the city. But, Toronto’s not the only one with a lot of condos – Montreal has even more and here, it’s a buyer’s market! In March, the number of condos listed on the Montreal market skyrocketed…

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17 March 2013
More Law Suits Over Condos

Back in November we talked about how Trump Tower developers in Toronto were suing investors for backing out of the purchase of their condo units. But, a case in Vancouver involving former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, shows that lawsuits can go both ways. And sometimes, the purchasers of those condos can also sue. That was…

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20 February 2013
Are Condos for Singles and Couples Only?

Putting aside all the talk of price drops and the ‘cookie cutter condo,’ today we look at another stereotype given to condos: that they’re only meant for couples and single people. It’s true we’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about how condos are great for young people, young professionals, couples with no children,…

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6 December 2012
Condo Fees Not Fazing Toronto Buyers

If you’re looking for an affordable Toronto mortgage, condos are currently the way to go. While single-detached homes in the city may be fetching average prices between $600,000 and $800,000, condos are only half that (or less!) This, as well as their convenient location, modern upgrades, and easy living are what’s making this type of…

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19 September 2012
These Aren’t Just Any Old Toronto Condos!

Are you looking for a condo in the GTA that’s got everything? One that, after you slap that Toronto mortgage on, you’ll feel like a king (or queen) living in? Then there’s a development you have got to look at it. And it’s called appropriately, King Blue Condos. King Blue is a two-tower development that…

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