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What Not to do when Holiday Shopping

19 December 2013

It’s official. We now have less than one week to get ready for Christmas. And while it may be too late to get your holiday shopping done early, we still have some tips for you on how to make the most of your shopping, namely in the way of these top tips on what not to do when you’re out buying all those gifts.

Don’t take out a payday loan

Payday loans can seem like the perfect tool to help get you through the holidays. They’ll give you money in advance to pay for all those gifts, and you won’t have to worry about a thing until after Christmas. The problem is though, that you won’t be any better able to deal with that debt than you were before Christmas, and payday loans can quickly put you in a hole that’s incredibly hard to climb out of. No matter how much you want to get your loved one that gift that’s just a bit out of your reach, don’t fall into the payday loan trap.

Don’t sign up for store credit cards

Yes, it can seem tempting to put off actually paying for those purchases until after the holidays. And it becomes even more tempting when you learn that you’ll get a discount on today’s purchases just for applying. But store credit cards often come with interest rates as high as 29 per cent, meaning you’ll be paying much more for those purchases in the New Year than you would have if you had just paid with cash.

Don’t use plastic at all

When you’re paying with a credit card it’s all too easy to stock up on way more than you need, make lots of impulse purchases, and get carried away – because you don’t feel the tightening of that money belt right away. To keep yourself from getting in so deep you can no longer see the surface, bring cash with you for your holiday shopping instead. It’s much harder to part with.

Don’t ignore delivery dates

Shopping online for Christmas presents has become as common-place as the tradition of gift-giving itself. But while you’re browsing, clicking and shopping, remember to check the delivery dates to ensure that your gifts will arrive in time. If you’ve left that shopping until today, chances are you’ve already missed the online shopping opportunity.

Don’t buy extended warranties

These little extras that pop up at the till can be anywhere from just a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. And while you might want to give your loved one the gift of reassurance along with that new snazzy electronic, don’t do it. The chances are that the manufacturer’s warranty will suffice, and some credit cards also give you another warranty if you pay using plastic (which if you have to, best you use the one that gives you more protection anyway.)

Do you have anything to add to this list? What are some of your big Christmas shopping don’ts.

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