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The Cost of Clutter

21 September 2012

With our debt levels higher than ever, everyone’s becoming more and more concerned about saving money and decreasing their costs – on everything. But while you’re sitting there staring at the walls wondering how you’re going to save money, have a look at the things around you. And think about the things you have in storage, or in the attic. Or lined up against the basement walls. Have you ever thought about how much all that clutter is costing you? Clutter can quickly add up, and the cost of it really does add up. Here are just a few of the ways how.

You buy things because you don’t know you already have them.
There’s a reason “getting lost in the clutter” is an expression. How often have you bought toothpaste because you thought you were out? Only to find a 10-pack bulk package shoved into a drawer somewhere a few weeks later? When clutter piles up things become lost. You forget you have them and so, you buy more when you don’t need to. Get rid of the clutter, keep track of what you’ve already got, and save money. It’s really that simple.

Clutter = wasted food = wasted money
Not allowing clutter to pile up applies to your refrigerator, too. When leftovers pile up in the fridge, some eventually get pushed to the back, and then they go bad. Now you’ve just wasted money two ways. You’ve bought food that you didn’t eat; and you have to buy more because the food you did buy is no longer good. Keep your fridge clean, freeze what you won’t eat right away, and again, save money.

Your closet’s so full you have to buy more clothes
Is your closet so overstuffed that clothes are crammed together so tight you can’t even get to them? Get rid of what doesn’t fit, what you no longer wear (because you can’t possibly wear all of those,) or that are out of style. Keep it clear and again, be able to see what you’ve got. It will save you a surprising amount of money.

De-cluttering your life does take time, and a little bit of work. But imagine if you did it! You could save so much money and afterwards, you could even hire someone to come in and do the cleaning once a week or once a month. Even if it’s something you thought you could never afford before, you might be able to once you take the time to de-clutter – and de-stress!

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