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Money Talks: Volume 57

11 January 2014

We apologize for not bringing you an edition of Money Talks earlier. But during the month of December we were so busy talking about the holidays, and our spending during that time that we thought were just a bit more pressing than seeing what others were saying around the web. But we have still been using that time to look around, see what stories are important, and now, we bring them to you. This week, it’s all about two of our favourite things – mortgages and real estate! So without further ado, let’s dive into this week edition of Money Talks.

Personal Finance

Do you live in Ontario? When it comes to saving for retirement vs. paying off your debt, which one are you likely to choose? According to RateSupermarket, it’s most likely the latter.

Thinking of traveling this year? The Canadian Finance blog outlines the top travel reward cards for 2014.

Real Estate

Think the ice storm affected Toronto’s real estate marketThe Globe and Mail says it didn’t. Here’s the story, even if we don’t agree.

The Star on the other hand, has what we consider to be a more realistic view of how the ice storm impacted real estate in the city.

Regardless of what people and construction in the marketplace have been doing, Toronto home prices are still going up! The Financial Post has the scoop.


We talked a lot this week about both Phil Soper’s and Jim Flaherty’s view of the Canadian housing market. Now we bring you a different perspective, from Canadian Mortgage Trends.

This news from Mortgage Broker News is a bit disheartening. They expect tighter underwriting in 2014.

Canadian Finance

Just one story in this category this week, but it’s a doozy. As the RCMP investigates further into the former Senators, Mac Harb may be guilty of mortgage fraud.

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