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Money Talks: Volume 55

14 December 2013

Well after a few weeks of riding a mortgage/real estate high in the news, this week’s volume of Money Talks covers everything from mortgage and real estate to news on the Canadian economy and personal finance too. For those of you who have been missing all features of the headlines, let’s get right into this week’s Money Talks.

Personal Finance

Is your hydro bill already getting too high this winter? The RateSupermarket has tips to lower it.

Thought holiday shopping was too expensive? Boomer & Echo shows you just how expensive it is.

Thinking of becoming a co-signer? Gail Vaz-Oxlade has some words of warning before you do.


Yes, we all know that increasing your mortgage payment can save you thousands in interest. But this week the Canadian Finance Blog takes a look at just how much once again.

Mortgage penalties can be a brute. This week The Globe and Mail takes a look at the differences you’ll be paying, depending on what type of mortgage you have.

Canadian Economy

We touched on Stephen Poloz’s latest comments this week right here on our own blog. Now, the CREA blog has further insight as to the Bank of Canada governor’s remarks.

This week Canada Post announced that they were ending door-to-door delivery. What do you think about it? The Star has the story.

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