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Items Best Purchased After Christmas

24 December 2013

It’s Christmas Eve, and the chances that you’re heading out today to buy some last-minute Christmas gifts are probably pretty good. And while you’re purchasing those gifts for loved ones, there’s also probably a good chance that you’re going to try and snag a couple of good deals for yourself. But while you’re out, what presents for yourself should you wait until after Christmas to buy? These ones here, that all tend to go on sale after the big day.


You might notice as you make your way through the mall that just about every retailer of electronics has drastically slashed their prices on things such as laptops and big screen TVs. But hold up before you awkwardly try to maneuver that big piece up to the cash. Remember that the deals you’re seeing now probably aren’t on the big names. If you want to get a deal on Mac notebooks, or Samsung televisions, the best time to get them will be on the 26th or later.

Winter apparel

Clothes are probably one of the easiest things to buy for yourself during holiday shopping, especially because retailers are marking them down to such drastically-reduced prices. But, after Christmas there will be sales on those sales as retailers want to get rid of everything they didn’t unload over the holidays, and need to get rid of before stock for the new season comes in. Hold off on these items, and you’ll get an even better deal when you wait until after Christmas.

Fitness apparel

Fitness apparel is the same as winter apparel in regards to the fact that it will have a greater discount on it after Christmas. But unlike winter wear, fitness apparel isn’t discounted because the season is ending and retailers need to make room for new stock. Instead, the fitness season is just beginning, with people wanting to lose holiday weight and make good on their New Year’s resolutions. In order to get consumers ready for the fitness season too, retailers discount this type of apparel in order to get consumers in the fitness state of mind. But not until after Christmas and they’ve filled up on their turkey.


Hopefully you weren’t thinking about buying a new couch for your guests to sit on during their Christmas visit, because furniture is another item that’s greatly discounted after Christmas. New models on furniture come in during the month of February, and so retailers need to make room for the new stock. However, they also know that a lot of people are looking for new furniture with guests in mind, so they don’t often discount it too deeply until after Christmas.

Christmas decor

Unless you’re purchasing this as a gift (something we’ve already warned against in our “What Not to Buy” post,) wait until after the holidays. Now that the season is over, retailers are itching to get this stuff out of their store and so they discount it up to 75 per cent off. And if you buy it on Boxing Day or after, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on decoration items that aren’t going to change one year to the next.

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