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How to Save Money During Wedding Season

12 May 2013

Summer is here and for the most part, that brings nothing but good things. Sunny days, vacation time, and lots of holidays and weddings to celebrate. But with nearly all of those things also come a handful of expenses. And during the coming months – prime time wedding season – all those gifts, clothes, and transportation costs can really add up to a lot. So, how do you not break the bank before your own summer vacation has even started?

  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to a few invites. According to Weddingbells Magazine, there will be 165,297 weddings in Canada this year; and if you get invited to even five of those, it might be too much. If you find you’re getting overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to send a ‘no’ in your RSVP to those that you’re not extremely close to.
  • Give the gift of your talent or skill. Do you design great window treatments? Are you an especially talented photographer? Do you have an eye for decor? Whatever your talent or skill is, offer that in place of giving a gift. Chances are, it will be something they really appreciate, and everyone feel better about it than something that was purchased from a store.
  • Know how to shop. Yes, you should try to purchase off the registry, as this is how you know exactly what they want and need. While you can’t shop the registry and then go find knockoffs elsewhere, you can browse through the registry as soon as you know where it is and what’s on it. Be sure to shop early, so you can choose the cheaper items that will be gone later. If there is a larger, more expensive item on the registry that you want to get the happy couple, ask around to see if anyone wants to chip in on it with you. A large group present can often be more impressive than several small ones, and it could end up being cheaper for you in the long run.
  • Wrap it like a pro. With so many simple tutorials and guides online these days, there’s no reason to do just about everything professionally, and that’s especially true when it comes to wrapping presents. This isn’t about impressing the couple (although it will,) but about bringing something beautiful to a beautiful occasion.
  • Know what to wear. Attending several weddings doesn’t mean buying several different outfits. Buy one that can be worn different ways, or shop your friend’s and family member’s closets to see what you can borrow from them.
  • Stay where you can afford to stay. Yes, the couple may be staying in that five-star hotel that the wedding took place in, but that doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re going to be staying out of town for a wedding, first see if there’s anywhere you can stay for free – such as a friend or family member’s house. If not, do some research to find out where some cheap hotels are in the area, that you can either walk to or aren’t too expensive to cab it to.

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