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How Much is CAA, and is it Worth It?

21 April 2013

When most people think of CAA and the services they provide, they typically only think about the roadside assistance this company delivers. Yes, if your car ever breaks down or you become stuck on the side of the road somewhere, they will come and tow your car, while also often giving you a ride back to town along with it. But is this the only thing offered by this company? And how much do you have to pay to receive that?

When you sign up with CAA, you actually have the choice of three different packages: Classic, Plus, or Premier. For most drivers, the Plus membership is the nice middle ground. With Classic you’ll only receive a tow up to 5 kilometres, while the 320 kilometres that the Premier package gets you might be a bit more than most people will ever need.

But that deals with the roadside assistance feature that most people are already aware of. Is there anything else you get with your membership?

Yes, a lot!

CAA will do much more for you than just tow your car in case it breaks down. They’ll also offer other roadside assistance features that many people don’t know about. Those include changing tires, getting your keys out of a locked car (when your’e not in it, of course) and bringing you free gas should you ever run out. The amount of gas you’ll receive during the trip will also depend on the level of membership you’ve signed up for.

However, there are other features that CAA will provide for you when you become a member, and even when you’re not behind the wheel or stuck on the side of the road. They also provide insurance, discounts on travel and other items, and kilometre-by-kilomtres trip-ticks to get you across long distances the easiest way possible.

What should also be mentioned is that CAA, when you choose the Plus plan, doesn’t cost very much at all. In fact, it only costs 31 cents a day. That certainly doesn’t seem overpriced for some much needed peace of mind, especially at a time when you need to be focused on other things – such as driving. And especially when your car has left you abandoned at the side of the road and you have nowhere to turn.

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