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Go Out for Dinner, Without Breaking the Bank

28 September 2012

Just this morning we wrote about how debt levels are growing in Canada, and how Canadians are becoming less and less concerned about it. But people usually become indifferent about their debt because they don’t see it as a high priority. Or at least not as big of one as keeping their creature comforts. One of those comforts that all of us have is going out to eat. Who doesn’t love it, and who doesn’t pay a fortune on it every month? Now, you don’t have to with these easy ways to go out to eat, and skip the bill (or at least come out with a much smaller one.)

Attending free tastings or “soft openings”
Just before a new restaurant holds their grand opening they’ll often hold a tasting or what’s called a “soft opening.” This is their chance to see what works in their restaurant and what doesn’t; and it’s a chance for you to have a lot of really great, really free, food. For a soft opening, restaurants often slash their prices. After all, they’re doing it out of benefit for them, and it’s a great learning experience. They desperately want you to come to give your input and so, they practically give their food away. Often they actually do, by offering free food! Food tastings on the other hand, are just like wine tastings. You’ll get a mouthful of each item, and these will all come absolutely free (although there may be a small charge at the door.)

Throw a progressive dinner
Progressive dinners are the modern take of potluck suppers. Instead of everyone coming over to your house and bringing something, you have one course at each person’s house. Traveling from spot to spot, you’ll be able to enjoy a seven-course meal if you choose, only make one, and pay hardly anything (just gas and the cost of the food you prepare.)

Order big meals
Going out to a restaurant and ordering a huge meal might not sound like a cost-saver, but it is if you don’t eat it all yourself. Choose something like nachos, fajitas, or that heaping plate of pasta, and share the food (and the bill) with someone else at the table. Hey, there’s no reason that just because you’re trying to save money you can’t splurge once in awhile!

Do you have your own tips on how to save money – while eating out or anywhere else? Drop us a comment or, Like us on Facebook and let us know!

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