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Christmas Presents to Avoid Buying this Year

22 December 2013

Here we sit. Three days before Christmas and for many people, with much shopping to still be done. But while you might be running around today picking up those last few items, we thought it might be a good idea to create a list of things not to buy. After all, it’s this last-minute shopping that talks us into buying bad gifts for good people, simply because a this point we have no idea what to get them. So while you’re out Christmas shopping – today, tomorrow, or on Christmas Eve – here are a few things to let the store keep this year.

Perfume and cologne

Unless someone has specifically asked you for a specific brand of perfume or cologne, don’t buy it for them. And if they haven’t asked you specifically for perfume or cologne, especially don’t buy it for them. These scented items for wear are too hard to buy for someone else because you have no idea what kind of scent they like, what works with their skin type, or if they even want it. And if they don’t, giving perfume or cologne will simply tell them, “I had no idea what to get for you.”

Christmas decorations

Again, unless a person has specifically asked you for these, leave them on the shelf. Christmas decorations are another one of those things that are really personal, and while you might think that hockey-playing Santa is really cute, someone else might just think it’s tacky. Christmas decor ranges from old-fashioned to rustic to super sophisticated and there are simply too many ways to go wrong here. Besides, by the time Christmas Day rolls around, most people already have all their decor items up and on display.

Any gifts with purchase

You might have tons of promotional CDs, makeup, or other items lying around; and these may seem like perfect Christmas presents. But because of the very fact that they are indeed promotional items, they’re not acceptable to give as a gift. Typically one can tell that these items were given away free with a purchase, and therefore that person will know that the only thought you put into their gift was getting yourself something that you really wanted – and then passing on the goods that were of no use to you.

Anything “Diet”

Again, unless someone has specifically asked you for a one-month gym membership or a diet cookbook, do not venture into this territory. Now is not the time to tell people what you think their shortcomings are, or how they can improve themselves. Leave this one alone, as well as things like bathroom scales or exercise equipment.

These are just a few of the gifts on the “Do Not Buy” list and most likely, you’ve gotten a few gifts in years past that you know what will make a really bad Christmas gift. If you really can’t find something special for someone on your list and you do need to venture into the “general gifts” category when doing your shopping, simply ask yourself whether or not you would like to receive a certain item as a present. If you wouldn’t, the chances are good that you’re just going to have to keep on looking.

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