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26 August 2012

Thinking of a Cottage? Don’t Forget you Can Rent, Too!

Maybe you’re packing up the things at the cottage ready to say good-bye to another wonderful summer spent in it. Or maybe you missed out on your cottage opportunity this year and you’re organizing your plans to purchase one next year. Whatever’s got you thinking about cottage country, make sure you turn over one specific…

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13 August 2012
The New Trend of Buying Foreign

Forever Canadians have been scooping up cottage country in Muskoka, Kawartha, and Rideau Lakes; and no one has ever really thought much of it. But what about when we start buying our second properties in foreign countries like the United States, or even Europe? For some reason, then it becomes a much bigger deal. Not…

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30 July 2012
Things to Know when Buying a Vacation Property

Buying a vacation property can be even more exciting than buying your first home was. Now you most likely own your first property (at least the greater portion of it,) you know all about how the buying and mortgage process works; and this time, you’ve thought of everything. Or at least, you think you have….

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21 July 2012
Purchasing a Second House in Ontario

Today’s low interest rates have made it the most opportunistic time for homeowners to invest in a second home. And while there are lots of things to consider, including that home equity loan or HELOC you may need to take out on your first home in order to be able to afford it, there are…

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16 April 2011
Considering Buying A US Property? You Aren’t Alone.

Considering Buying A US Property? You Aren’t Alone. With the recent meteoric rise of the Canadian “Loonie” to above parity with the US dollar recently, Canadians are enjoying an experience that might come along just once in a lifetime.

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25 May 2010
Cottage Ownership – Now Open for Business!

Cottage Ownership – Buying Trend Moving from Downtown Condos to Larger Properties in the Country. With the first (unofficial) long weekend of the summer behind us, it’s time to declare that the cottage season is now open for business!

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14 May 2010
Looking to Finance a Foreign Vacation Property?

With US Housing Prices as Low as They May Get, How Can You Get the Financing to Purchase Your Dream Getaway Property? In the middle of a typical Canadian winter, it’s difficult not to wonder what it would be like to be somewhere else – preferably somewhere sunny.

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