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We keep our finger on the pulse of the mortgage investment market to provide you with the latest news and trends from our team of experts. Read our blog to get the latest on mortgage investing so you can invest with confidence.

4 May 2017

Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Options for Canadian Homeowners

For many Canadian homeowners, paying off debt is the number one priority for achieving financial health. Here we explore various debt consolidation and refinancing options Canadian homeowners can choose from to achieve financial freedom once and for all.

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26 July 2012
Private Lending Institutions in Toronto

Are you looking to get a private mortgage in Toronto? Are you uncertain about private mortgages and wondering what, exactly, they are? What’s even more confusing for homeowners and homebuyers at times – what is a private lending institution; and where can you find them? A private mortgage, at its simplest, is a first or…

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29 January 2012
3 Options for Getting a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Truthfully, you have lots of options for getting a mortgage with bad credit. While you’re most likely going to pay higher interest rates, bad credit doesn’t always automatically mean you’re doomed when it comes to buying a home; and once you start looking, you’ll find there are options you never even thought of, or knew…

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5 January 2012
Should a Review of CMHC be Taken?

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has helped millions of Canadian homeowners obtain a mortgage. But now the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a report that suggests a review of the CMHC practices may be necessary, and that there may be a better way of doing things. The IMF is a global organization…

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28 December 2011
What Happens if a Co-Signer Passes Away?

No one wants to think about one of their loved ones passing away. But if you’re going to need a co-signer on your mortgage, or you want to be a co-signer on someone’s mortgage, it might be something you need to think about, especially if the co-signer is an older person. So, what does happen…

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14 December 2011
How Much will Mortgage Insurance Cost you?

“We do a lot of talking on this blog about CMHC mortgage insurance, the high price it can cost you, and mostly, how to avoid paying it altogether. This insurance of course, is required by home buyers that have less than 20% for the down payment of their new home, and it protects the lender…

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6 December 2011
Four Ways to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance

“A mortgage is expensive enough, right? So you definitely don’t want to be paying more than you have to on it. But, you might have to if you require private mortgage insurance. Private mortgage insurance is insurance that covers the lender should you default on the loan. It really holds no benefit to the homeowner,…

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