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20 June 2017

Shopping for Mortgage Rates in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Mortgage rates have a significant impact on the overall cost of your home. If you’re in Ontario, consider these tips for landing the best rate possible.

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13 April 2013
Brokers Once Again Seize Golden Opportunities

Remember when there was an outcry in Canada just a couple of weeks ago when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty meddled in Manulife’s mortgage matters? And remember when we told you about the mortgage brokerage that took that gaffe and ran with it, running an ad declaring that while the Minister might not want the consumer…

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2 April 2013
Xceed is Sold, and it’s a Good Thing for Brokers

While not very well-known among consumers and home buyers, Xceed Mortgage Corporation is a very popular choice among mortgage brokers, especially when they have clients looking for sub-prime mortgages, something that very few lenders are now offering in Canada. Now though, Xceed has been sold, and the sale had many brokers worried that, like ING…

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16 February 2013
Should Realtors be Paid Broker Commissions?

If you’re a Realtor, you know that your job is about much more than just showing homes and helping secure a contract to purchase. Buyers ask Realtors about everything, from the schools in the neighbourhood to where the best mortgage in town is. When this latter issue comes up, it’s not uncommon for Realtors to…

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21 January 2013
Emotional Connection with Mortgage Brokers Very Important for Consumers

Just this morning we covered a few of the results found in CAAMP’s Highlights from CAAMP’s Fall 2012 Consumer and Industry Surveys report. Those results, focusing on things such as the financial situation of Canadians, and how we as a country feel about the mortgage and housing industry, showed a disconnect. While Canadians surveyed indicated that…

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17 August 2012
Do Volume Incentives Make Your Broker Less Objective?

Many people know that when you use a mortgage broker in Toronto, there is no fee to the homeowner or the homebuyer. The lenders the broker works with will supply them with commission for drumming up some business for them; and the customer still ends up getting the best rate. But do they? What about…

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24 July 2012
Do you Have a Better Chance of Getting a Mortgage from a Mortgage Broker?

Canada is far behind our U.S. counterparts when it comes to homeowners using a mortgage broker to get them financing for the home they want. But slowly we’re starting to catch up as more and more Canadians begin to realize all the many benefits of working with a mortgage broker. The biggest question homebuyers usually…

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