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22 October 2018

Types of mortgages in Canada and how they apply to you

Before deciding the types of mortgages that may be right for you, you’ll have to make another important decision – the type of lender you’d like to work with.

In Canada, there are three main types of lenders: A lenders (banks, credit unions an[…]

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9 October 2018
5 steps to finding the best HELOC rates in Canada

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen or go back to school? If you’re a homeowner with some equity, then you might consider taking out a home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC is a low cost borrowing option (compared to unsecured debt and credit cards) since it’s secured against your home.

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23 July 2018
What is a mortgage broker, and should I use one?

Whether you are consolidating debt, refinancing your home, buying a new one, or looking to conduct home renovations, there are a number of options at your disposal. You can go talk to your bank, or do like a growing number of Canadians are doing, and speak with a mortgage broker.

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11 June 2018
What not to do when refinancing a mortgage in Canada

Refinancing a mortgages is an option many homeowners in Canada consider for various reasons. Some do so to reduce their interest rate and monthly mortgage payments. Others consider it to be the best method to consolidate all their debts.

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3 April 2018
3 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker

Owning a home can be incredibly expensive depending on where you live. Most homeowners must take out a mortgage to finance the purchase of their properties if they are unable to pay for it outright.

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15 September 2017
Money Talks: Housing Market Slowdown Not Enough to Stop Canada’s Booming Economy

Ontario’s cooling housing market has been no match for Canada’s booming economy. Canadian GDP surged more than expected in the second quarter, growing at the fastest pace since 2011.

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3 August 2017
Money Talks: Canada’s Paradigm Shift – From Economic Growth to Interest Rates

It has been an eventful year for the Canadian economy: above average growth, steady job creation and a rate hike from the central bank.

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