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27 April 2013

More Home Renovations will be a Sign of Aging Population

It’s no secret that Canada has an aging population. And even if you didn’t know that by the year 2036 we’ll have 10.4 million people over the age of 65 (it’s currently at 5 million), it’s hard to miss all those many baby boomers walking around. This large group of people is bringing with it…

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24 April 2013
How Many Canadians are Renovating this Year? How Much are They Spending?

A recent poll conducted by CIBC shows that nearly one-third of Canadians are planning on making renovations to their home within the next twelve months. But which provinces are going to be making the most improvements to their home, and how much is the average Canadian spending on those renovations? Among the 39 per cent…

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7 February 2013
Making Home Renovations? Make Sure You Check with Your Insurance Company!

If you’re about to perform home renovations to your property, there are lots of things you have to think about. Home renovation financing, what you can structurally do to your home and what you can’t, and not to mention, finding a good contractor to do the work for you. But one thing that should never…

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30 January 2013
A Quebec Home Renovation Story

We often talk on this blog about paying for home renovations. And a little while ago we touched on how, if you’re going to be using cash to pay for the improvements to your home, you need to make sure you’re doing it right, and paying all the taxes that you would’ve paying by any other…

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16 January 2013
Home Renovation Programs to help with Home Renovation Financing

We’ve talked before about the Ontario Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit, a government return on certain renovations made to make your home healthier, mostly for senior citizens. But what about if you need home renovation financing before you actually start making repairs? What if you need renovations done to your home, but just can’t afford to pay…

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11 January 2013
When Home Renovation DIY goes Awry

According to a recent survey done by BMO, nearly half (49 per cent) of homeowners about to embark on home renovations are planning to do the work themselves. Regardless of whether or not they’re applying for home renovation financing in order to fund those projects, homeowners often opt for the DIY route as a way…

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18 December 2012
How Do Renovations Affect Your Home Insurance Policy?

Your home needs some work done to it. You’ve already hired your contractor and lined up your home renovation financing. But what about your home insurance policy? Have you notified the insurance company and told them about your plans for your home? If not, you should, as completing home renovations can have some major impacts…

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