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12 December 2016

Canada’s Mortgage Rates Remain Low – For Now

Canada’s mortgage rates remain near historic lows, but developments south of the border indicate a shift may be under way.

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14 January 2012
The U.S.’ New Plan

President Barack Obama captured many hearts in America with the phrase, “Yes we can!”But just months into his presidency, people were already beginning to question him, as well as their own resolve that was built so strong during his campaign. People were starting to wonder whether he was really the man who could after all….

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26 October 2011
What are Private Mortgages?

If you’re looking to own a home, you need to go to a bank in order to get a loan, right? Well, not necessarily. In some cases, you might find a seller that is willing to offer you a private mortgage. And depending on your situation, it might be just the thing for you.

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9 November 2010
Construction Dips on Concern over Mortgage and Construction Loan Affordability

New home construction slows amid perceived concerns about the affordability of home mortgages and construction loans.

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21 October 2010
Halt in Rate Hikes an Opportunity for Renewing or Refinancing Mortgages

A pause in Bank of Canada interest rate hikes gives homeowners an opportunity for renewing or refinancing home mortgages at favourable rates.

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18 October 2010
Bank of Canada, Home Mortgage Rates Likely to Remain Unchanged

Home mortgage rates will most likely remain near historic lows moving into 2011, as the Bank of Canada is likely to leave its market-setting overnight lending rate unchanged at its October rates meeting, tomorrow.

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17 October 2010
Homebuilders’ Economist Paints Positive Housing Picture; Hawkish on Rate Hikes

Canadian Homebuilders’ Association economist paints a “positive picture” for economy and housing markets into 2011, yet remains one of the few hawks forecasting further near-term increases in the Bank of Canada’s lending rate.

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