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12 July 2016

Money Talks: Volume 1 (2016)

Money Talks returns with a look at how the UK’s referendum on European Union membership is influencing Canada’s mortgage market.

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7 June 2016
Bank of Canada (BOC) Expected to Keep Rates Low Until 2017, Providing More Fuel for Housing Market

After cutting the benchmark interest rate to 0.5% in July 2015, the Bank of Canada (BOC) has remained largely on the sidelines, as the world’s eleventh largest economy battled plunging oil prices and slowing international demand.

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12 May 2013
Another Bearish Outlook, with not Much to Back it Up

Who else is growing weary of all the doom and gloom reports surrounding the housing market, and nearly all that have very little in the way of actual facts and stats to back them up. And this time, the opinion that Canada’s market is headed for certain death doesn’t come from a Canadian economist or…

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14 December 2012
Will the U.S. Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?

Things with the fiscal cliff the United States seemed to look good. After the news of it blew up around the world, the two sides fought and fought some more before coming together and having what seemed to be a real heart-to-heart. President Obama was photographed slapping Republican House Speaker, John Boehner, on the back…

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17 November 2012
Possible Solutions to the Fiscal Cliff

The fiscal cliff is a hugely hot topic these days, with everyone from the United States to Canada to Australia having an opinion about it. There’s good reason for it. If the U.S. goes off this cliff, it’s not only going to be them that feels the repercussions. It really will be the fall heard…

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12 August 2012
Invest in SWAG and See Your Stocks Soar!

There’s no getting around it; it’s not a great time for the stock market right now. Bonds are not the refuge they once were and investors just don’t feel as great about equities as they once did. But that doesn’t mean that investors are left out in the cold. There’s still hope – and it…

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14 February 2011
Economy Shows Further Signs of Revival

The Canadian manufacturing sector is looking up, boosting the GDP and raising hopes for a stronger 2011.

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