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18 October 2012

Commercial Real Estate Continues to Support Canadian Housing

Just a few weeks ago we talked on this blog about commercial mortgages in Canada, and how they were helping to pour billions of dollars into the economy through taxes and revenues. Now, new stats have been published that continue to show just how well commercial real estate is doing in Canada. The stats come…

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24 September 2012
There’s a Commercial Real Estate Boom Going On in Canada!

While there has been much concern regarding residential real estate in Canada, it seems that even if it were to experience a brief stagnant period or decline, commercial real estate might just be there to pick up the slack. This information comes from a report recently done by the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac),…

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5 November 2011
Can You get a Second Mortgage on a Commercial Loan?

A few days ago we talked about the differences between a commercial mortgage and a residential mortgage. And while the two certainly do have their differences, that post also outlined some of their similarities. One of those similarities, that was not covered in the earlier post, was that second mortgages can be obtained on both. However, there are still some differences between a second mortgage on a residential loan and one on a commercial mortgage. And the reasons a homeowner wants a second mortgage are probably going to be different than the reasons of a business owner.

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2 November 2011
Commercial Mortgages and Residential Mortgages: What’s the Difference?

If you’re already a homeowner with a residential mortgage, and are also a business owner looking for a commercial mortgage, you might think the process is going to be exactly like when you got your home loan. But the two do have some differences among them. And being prepared for those differences will help you be better prepared for not only applying for that commercial mortgage, but it will also help you be approved for it!

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16 October 2011
Bring on 2012, says Canadian Businesses

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement on Thursday that he’s expecting the world to go into a “full-blown global recession” by 2012. And while that news is usually enough to have any Canadian business owner running for their calculators, and trying to figure out how they can markup prices to account for the loss, Canadian business owners are doing the exact opposite. In fact, most Canadian business owners believe that the year 2012 will be a prosperous one, global recession or not.

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18 September 2011
Thinking about Moving Your Business to Ottawa? Better Hurry!

The Ottawa real estate market has been one that’s been thriving amongst some slower markets across the country. When compared with cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary, Ottawa’s housing market has been able to either steadily maintain itself, or even spurt ahead of the other markets. Now the National Office Trends report, a report conducted by commercial real estate brokers, Cushman & Wakefield, has shown that commercial mortgages are going up, as commercial vacancies go down in the nation’s capital.

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20 January 2011
Canadian Cities Report Lower Apartment Vacancy Rates

A recovering economy has positively impacted Canadian housing rentals, with lower vacancies and higher rental costs being reported this year.

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