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15 September 2017

Money Talks: Housing Market Slowdown Not Enough to Stop Canada’s Booming Economy

Ontario’s cooling housing market has been no match for Canada’s booming economy. Canadian GDP surged more than expected in the second quarter, growing at the fastest pace since 2011.

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3 April 2013
Canadians have Record Slow Growth, but is it Enough?

The report that was released by RBC recently seems encouraging enough at first – showing that we’ve had the slowest growth of debt in more than a decade. But dig deeper, and you’ll see why Canadians might not be as well off as this report suggests, and that unless our incomes start rising accordingly, that…

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16 March 2013
Household Debt Reaches All-Time High

Yep, it’s that same old story again. Our household debt is higher than it’s ever been, and while the Bank of Canada is taking the time to congratulate us on the fact that the amount of our credit accumulation is stabilizing, it can’t be denied that it’s still climbing-  even if it’s at a slower…

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10 February 2013
Consumer Debt Reaches All-Time High

This is news that is sure to make Finance Minister Jim Flaherty cringe – our consumer debt levels are the highest they’ve ever been. The credit reporting firm TransUnion reported this week that the average Canadian consumer debt load has reached new heights of $27,485 during the last quarter of 2012. That’s an increase of…

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9 January 2013
What’s New with the Fiscal Cliff? And what does it Mean for Canada?

We might have been waiting anxiously for midnight, but not for the same reasons as Americans did. Of course some of our minds may have been lingering on the fiscal cliff, but more likely they were busy toasting new friends and old, dancing the night away, or well, just dreaming while we were fast asleep….

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4 January 2013
Canadian Debt Infographic: The Economy Debt, and You

It’s no secret that Canada’s national public debt has taken a huge hit during that last several years and that that has trickled down into households, and the average debt per capita. But just how has our country gotten into so much debt? And what does this mean for Canadian households? Canada does unfortunately have…

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20 December 2012
Canadians Beat Another Record for Household Debt Levels

Canadians have broken another record. But this is not one to boast about. Even amid all the warnings and lectures from the Finance Minister and the Bank of Canada, we continue to pile on our debt. Now, our debt levels stand at 164.4 per cent for the third quarter – a drastic increase from the…

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