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9 April 2012

Renewing Your Mortgage? Keep your Payments the Same!

There’s an interesting thing happening with Ottawa mortgages, Oakville mortgages, and mortgages all around the country right now – and it has many homeowners who obtained their mortgage in 2007 asking themselves some pretty tough questions. In 2007, the Canadian mortgage market looked slightly different than it does today, although there were some similarities, too….

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11 January 2012
RRSPs for the Contributor and Non-Contributor

It’s the turn of a New Year and for many Canadians, it means that it’s time to start worrying about one more thing: RRSP contributions. Because the deadline of March 1 seems to be looming for RRSPs and the tax year of 2010, many think that it’s time to rush out and start pouring our…

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24 December 2011
Canuck Credit Card Spending is Up

Merry Christmas! It’s here, Christmas morning is here! And while we all watch kids unwrap presents, or just spend time with our families and relax – our credit cards are doing the same thing, relaxing. After weeks, (and for some of us, months) of spending, spending, spending, credit cards are finally getting their break too….

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22 December 2011
Breaking Down One Debt this Year Should be Your Only Resolution

It’s that time of year again. That time when we all start thinking about how we’re about to embark on a new chapter, a new beginning – a New Year. And as such, it’s time to start making those resolutions that typically include things like losing weight and quitting smoking. Often, putting money into savings…

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21 December 2011
Canadians Finally Doing Something About Debt!

Maybe it was hearing that for the first time since the recession hit, our household debt levels surpassed those of the United States. Or maybe it’s the fact that 2012 is looming ever-closer, and that means that the time is running out on Mark Carney’s promise to keep interest rates low for the remainder of…

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20 December 2011
Mortgage Apps to Help You

So you want to apply for a mortgage but before you even start speaking to lenders, you want to be able to calculate an approximation of what your mortgage payment will be. Maybe you don’t have access to your desktop right now, or maybe you’re on a crowded Toronto subway and you don’t want to…

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19 December 2011
Co-Signing a Mortgage: What, and Who, is It?

Many people start to panic when a lender tells them that they’ll need someone to co-sign a mortgage for them, but they shouldn’t. Needing a co-signer simply means that you nearly meet that lender’s requirements, but they need a little more reassurance that the loan will be paid off. When you have a co-signer on…

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