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Are You Shopping on Super Saturday?

21 December 2013

It didn’t seem that long ago that we started celebrating Black Friday here in Canada; and we’ve just started getting used to the idea of Cyber Monday. But now, Super Saturday? Just what is that? And is it just a gimmick, or are there real bargains to be had?

Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas and yes, it is somewhat gimmicky. Along with the two shopping holidays we already have, Super Saturday is yet another day retailers use to draw you into their stores in hopes of obtaining great deals. But just like Black Friday and Boxing Day shopping, the discounts you will actually receive – and the items you’ll receive with those discounts, may not be what you’re in the market for.

“You will see sales at pretty much every clothing and apparel retailer, but they will be very modest discounts,” says Mark LoCastro, spokesperson for “If you see something marked down more than 20 per cent or 30 per cent, then that’s noteworthy.”

According to their study last year, only 17 per cent  of the clothing and apparel discounts DealNews looked at were deemed worthy enough to be considered deeply discounted items.

LoCastro also says that when it comes to shopping clothes for someone else, it’s better to give them a gift card which they can use after Christmas.

“That will force them to shop after Christmas sales, which are definitely better than Super Saturday,” he says.

Ironically, energy-saving appliances are also discounted more after Christmas than they are before the big day. But there’s one category of gifts that you might find have their prices hugely slashed – toys.

According to LoCastro, “Super Saturday may lack deals when it comes to adult gifts, but this is your last chance to get toys and gaming deals. Nearly all the deals we found last year made it on our Editors’ Choice list.”

But there is one exception to that Super Saturday toy rule – gaming consoles such as the new PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox. In fact, LoCastro says if you can find one of those at all, you should grab it while you can, for they’re few and far between and it’s tough for consumers to find one at all, let alone at a discounted price.

So, now you know that not only is it the Saturday before Christmas, but it’s also Super Saturday. Are you going out shopping? Are you hoping to score some deals, or just to find everyone their gift?

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