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Want to Add Home Value on a Shoestring Budget? Here are 7 Cheap Home Renovation Projects!

18 November 2012

Home renovations are something that every homeowner looks forward to, even if they’re only excited about the finished project. But what if you don’t have the money to take on a huge, full-sized reno project? Then these top 7 budget renovation projects are just what you need!

Make space

Renovations today usually focus on one thing: giving the homeowner more space. Sure new vanities, fixtures, and furniture may be added just to boost up the project some; but for the most part, it’s spacious open-concept living that people want today. The good news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down walls to create a Great Room, or demolishing the basement in order to bring it around to a furnished space. All you really need to do is get rid of clutter (and and all clutter that you have!) maybe take out the furniture you don’t use all the time. You can also consider adding things such as a pass-through – a small opening in the wall that connects one room to another. This can still allow everyone to socialize and talk to each other, without making any structural changes.

New vanities

New vanities can make an entire room look like new, and they can be found relatively cheap, too. Look for semi-custom options, or try and buy a floor model at a discount. If the models are at all damaged in any way (and you can live with minor damage) you might even get a really huge discount on a vanity you’re looking for.

Replace the fan in your bathroom

We know, the bathroom fan sounds like the last place you should invest your money. But what does your fan actually sound like? If it’s one of the older versions, it’s most likely very loud, and very ugly. People will notice it when they come to look at your house if you ever sell; and they will remember it when they’re going through their list of potential homes.

 Replace tile

Tiles can become dirty and ratty-looking. But many homeowners don’t replace them because they think it’s a huge job that’s going to involve ripping up the floors completely, paying top dollar for nice tile (such as ceramic) and then the time and cost of installing it themselves. But tile can be really cheap, especially if you choose the peel-n-stick options that are available at so many hardware stores. Tile doesn’t have to be pricey – but it will look like a million bucks if you spend some time replacing it.


When it comes to the most expensive home renovations you could possibly do, many homeowners think that countertops rank high on the list. And they do, if you choose materials such as granite or marble. But choose Corian or quartz, and in pre-cut sizes if you can, and you’ll be amazed at how cheap you can find them!


While we’re on the topic of home renovation projects that homeowners believe will cost them a bomb, cabinets – especially in the kitchen – are also one that many often first think of. But just like countertops, it is possible to find some pretty cheap ones. Mainly these will come in the form of pre-sized cabinets. But you can get them in just about any colour or material, and they’ll look gorgeous while adding more value to your home.

Energy-saving appliances

Appliances are another home reno item that people think costs big bucks. While they can still be pretty pricey, energy-saving appliances have come down in price dramatically over the past ten years. Plus, they’ll save energy which will save you money – and add value, should you ever decide to sell!

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