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Understanding Credit: Part 3, Credit Reporting Time Limits

15 February 2013

Once people understand how their credit report works, what goes on it, and how to avoid negative reporting from showing up on it, their next biggest question is typically, “How long do items stay on my credit report?” Of course, the sooner that slate is wiped clean, the sooner you can get on with rebuilding or re-establishing your credit, and start taking advantage of financial products such as loans that are ultimately set up in order to help you.

So, how long do items stay on your credit report? The answer to that will depend on what the item is, what province you live in, as well as what credit reporting agency you’re working with. We’ve broken the info down into these two charts to help you see it better.

Getting these items onto your credit report can be dangerously easy – all it takes is a missed payment or two. But getting them off? That’s a bit harder, and a lot more complex. Come back tomorrow when we look at the most popular and the most effective credit repair strategies that will help get your credit back on track!


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