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Now this is Exterior Design! Only in Toronto!

15 December 2012

Here’s one condo development that will force people to take a different look at Toronto’s condo market. Squat at only 7 floors, roomy and private with only 23 units, and, it looks as though it’s been folded in half, and then folded again before being folded again.

The appropriately named Origami Lofts is the perfect example of what happens when a developer’s mind runs wild. The Symmetry project has been marketed as a “beautiful series of angular folds and sleek cutouts that hide and reveal, soothe and provoke.” What it’s meant to do, it’s different. And it’s going to have anyone passing by slowing down for a better look.

So just what do you get at the Origami Lofts?

First of course, the sheer luxury that comes with living in a building constructed of an exterior made from glass and metal – that’s what allows for the “provoking” angular look. Inside you’ll still feel all of that exclusivity – because this one’s only open to 23 lucky buyers. The exclusivity also brings more benefits than just bragging rights. With fewer people comes less wear and tear in hallways and in other common spaces.

The buildings uniqueness also carries through to the inside, with angled refrigerator doors, curved couches, triangular tables, and other geometric shapes scattered strategically throughout each suite. And think that just because this is a smaller condo project that it will be reflected in the individual units? Forget about it. With 9′ ceilings and all, you’ll feel like you’re living in a gigantic condo building – maybe just a little bit calmer and care-free.

And if you still want all the unit options that you would get with any of the sky-scraping condos in Toronto, you’ll still find them in the Origami Lofts. This development still includes four two-storey penthouses.

But while less wear and tear on common areas is one of the bonuses that comes with living in the Origami Lofts, there are also fewer of those areas and amenities. The lack of a concierge has been raised by some critics as a major security issue, especially considering that the building’s location is at Bathurst and Queen, an area that is known to be loud and rowdy, especially on the weekends.

Origami Lofts won’t be the only development in the area that doesn’t have at least a security guard if not a dedicated concierge, and those developments haven’t seen a number of problems. Still, even if buyers are okay with the building’s doors being left unmanned, inspectors and appraisers may not be; and that could ultimately lower the value. Of course, that’s worst case scenario, but still something buyers and investors must consider.

What do you think of this new building going up in Toronto? Do you think it’s a unique spin on Toronto’s condos? Or do you think it’s just a new way to add to an old problem?

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