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Money Talks: Volume 9

18 January 2013

There was more than just hockey to talk about this week! From employment insurance, to household debt, to investing in the States, there was a lot of chatter going on in finance this week around the Web. And as usual, we’ve rounded up only the best for you. Here’s what we found.


There are a lot of costs that go into getting a mortgage. This week, Canadian Mortgage Trends looked at one of them-  title insurance.

Do you know what CDOR is? The Rate SuperMarket breaks it down, and looks at some of the problems currently surrounding it.

The Financial Post this week looks at the reasons behind ING’s closing its mortgage brokerage channel.

Real Estate

Looking to sell your home? CanEquity has some tips to help!

Personal Finance

This week Boomer & Echo took another look at why just looking at household debt stats is not enough reason to panic.

Have personal finance questions? Send them to Gail Vax-Oxlade, she may just have some answers for you!

Canadian Finance

Employment insurance has recently seen tightening, mortgage rules have seen tightening, and now, Ontario Conservatives are going to introduce welfare tightening too. The Star reports on it.

And speaking of EI, it’s going to get even harder for people to pay back their benefits. Everyday Money takes a look at why.


Are you a Canadian looking to invest in the States? Bigger Pockets blog looks at why it might be a good idea.

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