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Money Talks: Volume 7

4 January 2013

Nearly two weeks after the Christmas spending frenzy, just about everyone is talking about money. Even if it’s just to say that they’re hiding from that credit card bill this month. But this week, even this latter group will want to join in on the discussion, as we look at some interesting and important money talks from around the web.


Canadian Mortgage Trends takes a look at how our mortgage interest rates are directly tied to what’s going on the U.S. Agree, or disagree?

What will happen with Canadian mortgages this year? The Globe gives five of their predictions.


The Bigger Pockets blog takes another look at the domino effect the U.S. economy can have on us here at home. This time, with a focus on the fiscal cliff and investors.

Real Estate

Calgary home prices – and assessments – are going up this year, according to a report from the Calgary Herald.

Confused by all the info available on Toronto home prices and listings? Or just wondering where you can get it? TO Real blog breaks it down for you.

Personal Finance

The penny is soon to be out, will the nickel be next? CBC News looks at just that.

Are you making these credit card mistakes? RateSuperMarket points out the 7 you need to focus on during the New Year.

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