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Money Talks: Volume 54

7 December 2013

For the second week in a row we were lucky enough to see mostly real estate and mortgage news taking up the headlines this week. Still, we took some time out to read up on the latest happenings around Canada, both with the economy and Rob Ford.

Personal Finance

How do you save on shopping during the holidays, according to Gail Vaz-Oxlade, it’s comparison shopping.

Want to reduce your holiday shopping stress even more? This week the RateSupermarket tells you how.

Real Estate

It’s hard to believe, but there are still doomsayers expecting a market crash. This week the Bank of Canada told them to stop panicking, and The Globe and Mail brings you the story.

This week we told you about a recent real estate scam going around Ontario and now, the Mortgage Options site gives you their perspective.

What are micro condos? This week the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine tells you about them.


Should CMHC raise their premiums? Their competitors think they should.

Are you comparison shopping for a mortgage? Canadian Mortgage Trends has tips on how to do it.

Brokers might be concerned, but the BoC says not to worry. Mortgage Broker News has the scoop.

Canadian Economy

Just in time for Christmas, there were 21,600 jobs created in November! The Gazette‘s got the scoop from Montreal.

Canadian banks are up in profits, but why are people concerned about that? RateSupermarket has the scoop!

Rob Ford might be in trouble, but he’s still got his supporters. The Star tells us about this surprising group.

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