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Money Talks: Volume 53

30 November 2013

Well Christmas came early for us this week! Looking around at the headlines day after day, most of the talk revolved around the mortgage and housing market. Government officials came out to speak on the topic, and people are once again asking why Jim Flaherty wants to interfere with the market once again (turns out, he doesn’t.) For all the scoop on this, and everything else that happened in financial matters this week, read on for this week’s edition of Money Talks!

Personal Finance

While our consumer debt might be high, turns out Canadians are feeling optimistic about it. Are we in control, or just delusional? CanEquity looks into it.

Have you made a will yet? This week Gail Vaz-Oxlade touches on the importance of doing so, and how to do it.

Real Estate

Is a home going for 30% over asking price signs of an overheated market in Toronto? The Globe and Mail checks it out.

Calgary’s market isn’t overheated, but it is “humming along” according to the numbers 660 News has.

Perhaps not surprisingly, October’s real estate numbers were down going into the winter months. My Sask has the scoop.


Julie Dickson, head of OSFI, raised a lot of talk this week when she talked about possible changes to be made to the Canadian mortgage market. Are 30 year mortgages on their way out? The Globe and Mail reports.

Should the government make any of those changes, Quebec has something to say about it – and it’s a firm warning. The Gazette has the story from Montreal.

CAAMP reports that fewer homes are being built, and Digital Scoop has the story.

Want to lower the costs on your mortgage? The Calgary Sun tells you how this week.

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