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Money Talks: Volume 48

26 October 2013

From employment insurance to the Senate scandal to the Bank of Canada’s interest rate, there was a lot of talk this week revolving around the Canadian economy. That being said, we still found some nuggets centered around personal finance, real estate, and your mortgage too. And it’s all really good stuff!

Personal Finance

Are you counting on a big lottery win or inheritance to solve your financial problems one day? Boomer & Echo looks at just how many are.

Would you lend your parents money? Everyday Money looks at this very hard, and awkward, situation.

Real Estate

Does your home have problems? Maybe they’re not as big as you think, and that’s why the Canadian Finance Blog advises taking a breath, and fixing it yourself.


Is owning a home overrated? The Globe and Mail looks at why sometimes, it is.

Cutting mortgage insurance premiums has got to be a good thing, right? Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at one lobbyist that wants to along with the good, bad, and ugly consequences of doing it.


The amount of EI benefits distributed has gone up once againThe Montreal Gazette‘s got all the number for you.

The Bank of Canada didn’t move the overnight rate this week, but they’ve eliminated talk of raising it again in the future. How long will we have these low rates? RateSupermarket has the scoop.

There’s trouble in the House! And not surprisingly, it revolves around the Senate scandal. Get the latest from the Calgary Herald.

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