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Money Talks: Volume 47

19 October 2013

There was a bit of personal finance chatter this week around the Web, and even some interesting investing news related to Twitter. But most of the news surrounded around Canadian finance, whether it was about tax credits or talk of the throne speech and the agenda of the Conservative government.

Personal Finance

How are you protecting your purchases when you make them? Did you know your credit card can help? The Canadian Finance Blog tells you how.


Would you invest in Twitter? It’s about to go public, and the RateSupermarket has advice on whether or not you should invest in it.

Real Estate

The Canadian housing market has done it again. Home sales were a bit higher in September, once again showing that there is no collapse, but in fact, a recovery! CREA News has the data for you.


Warnings about our household debt are sometimes necessary, but the Canadian Mortgage Trends blog spotlights a negative side effect that can come with rate warnings.

Before you get a mortgage, check out this ultimate mortgage checklist, provided by The Globe and Mail. 

Canadian Finance

The throne speech was this week, and the RateSupermarket breaks down the agenda for you.

While Thanksgiving is behind us, another holiday when you may want to donate is coming up – Christmas! The RateSupermarket sheds light on the donation tax credit.

And speaking of taxes, you may soon have to report crowdfunding on yours. Everyday Money’s got the scoop.

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