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Money Talks: Volume 44

28 September 2013

For the past couple of weeks, all the headlines in the news seemed to focus on one thing. If it wasn’t personal finance, it was mortgages. And if it wasn’t mortgages, it was real estate. That’s why this week, it was especially refreshing – even for us – to find topics that covered every gamut of the financial spectrum. And with that, we bring you this week’s edition of Money Talks which includes everything from personal finance to Canadian finance, to investing, and more.

Personal Finance

Would you buy food from a grocery store selling expired food? Everyday Money looks into one that’s about to open up.

How can you learn money lessons from a video game? The Canadian Finance Blog tells you how.

Is Generation Y really so hard done by? Boomer & Echo looks into it.

Are you surprised that Canadians are willing to go into debt just to take that vacation they long for? RateSupermarket has the scoop.

Real Estate

For those worried about their debt, there’s good news! The CREA has just updated their resale housing forecast – and it’s good news!

The Globe and Mail thinks rising home prices are a bad thing. Do you agree?


Mortgage fraud is up in Canada. What might be more surprising is the fact that no one’s really doing anything about it. Canadian Mortgage Trend’s got the story.


Thinking of investing in property? Now might be the time to don the landlord hat, as the Bigger Pockets blog discusses the seller’s market we’re currently in.

If you do become a landlord, don’t be trapped into these renting pitfalls that a couple of landlords have found themselves in lately. The Gazette has the story.

Canadian Finance

No rebound coming for the Canadian economy? July’s retail sales say differently, says the Toronto Star.

Disappointing news for new home owners – the Conservatives have pushed back the date for mandatory new home warranties. The Calgary Herald has the scoop.

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