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Money Talks: Volume 43

21 September 2013

In last week’s issue of Money Talks, the talk revolved mainly around mortgages. So, we suppose it’s fitting that this week, it’s real estate that’s taking the spotlight. Oh, personal and Canadian finance are in there too, but with all the talk surrounding the market these days, it’s not really surprising to see that it’s got so many people talking.


Have you been asked to be an executor of a will? Do you know what that entails, or how to figure out all the financial aspects of it? Boomer & Echo breaks it down for you.

Sadly, the number of deadbeat parents is rising, as more child support goes unpaid. Everyday Money has the story.

Real Estate

Are condos making a comeback? The Globe and Mail seems to think so.

Want to reduce your real estate fees? This week Gail Vaz-Oxlade tells you how.

The CREA has raised their real estate outlook for the year, with a rebound – not a collapse – expected.

Sure, it may not be our housing market, but everyone knows that the U.S. housing market has enough of an impact on ours to be meaningful. The Mortgage Options blog shows how they’re rolling around.

Canadian Finance

Is it a surprise to you that Canadians are making more money after the recession? The RateSupermarket has the full scoop.

Need a job? As the Calgary Herald reports, Calgary is experiencing a labour shortage!

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