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Money Talks: Volume 41

7 September 2013

You want to save some money, right? Well that’s good news, because this week’s edition of Money Talks is full of money-saving tips! To go along with that, some good news on the unemployment front so you’ll have even more to save and for good measure, there’s one of those odd real estate stories, and some news on mortgage rates too!

Personal Finance

Stop complaining about all of those “fixed” expenses that you just can’t do anything about – because you can! The Canadian Finance Blog shows you how to cut down those costs.

Boomer & Echo has some tips this week too on how to tend to your spending, just in case you need a few more.

But what are those little things that can push your spending over the edge? Gail Vaz-Oxlade takes a look at some of the common.

And what if someone gave you too much money? Would you tell? Everyday Money investigates.


Trying to be a landlord to raise some extra cash? Here are some tips from RateSupermarket.

Real Estate

After seven long years, one family finally has their illegal addition approvedThe Star has the story.

Home sales – and home prices – are up! CanEquity reports.


Mortgage rates have been rising. But who’s raising them? Canadian Mortgage Trends explains.

Canadian Finance

And speaking of mortgage rates, the Bank of Canada just held the key policy rate at 1 per cent. CREA News has the scoop.

The unemployment rate fell in August! The Gazette has the story.

That rate isn’t encouraging young people though. Many are planning their own business because they don’t think they’ll be able to find a job.

And as for that older group, some think that their longer life expectancy poses a threat to pension plans. Everyday Money has the story.

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