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Money Talks: Volume 40

31 August 2013

Consumer finances and Canadian finances largely took up the headlines this week. However we do get a look at a new company working closely with brokers, and whether or not our homes are really affordable.

Personal Finances

This week the Canadian Finance Blog took a close look at Old Age Security and just what it involves. We recommend paying particular attention to the clawback you may end up paying.

It’s hard to believe but in just a few days the kiddies will all be back at school. While it’s often a great time for parents, it can also be a budget-killing one. RateSupermarket has tips on how to save throughout the school year.

While you’re back to school shopping, be sure to take along these tips from Boomer & Echo on how to get your kids involved.

Real Estate

A recent report from RBC says that homes are becoming less affordable. The Mortgage Options blog reports.


CMLS is a unique lender that caters to mortgage brokerages – a refreshing change in a world where so many big banks are closing off the channel. Canadian Mortgage Trends takes a closer look at this company.

With rising mortgage rates, how do you deal with a mortgage renewal? The Globe and Mail has some tips.

Canadian Finance

Are you happy with many of your tax dollars helping fund CEOs of big companies? The Huffington Post looks at just who’s getting what, and it may shock you.

Stephen Harper recently prorogued Parliament again, as the party had fulfilled “nearly all” of their promises. But with news of the weak economy, will Canadians buy it?

One party leader’s idea could bring in $7.5 billion in tax revenue. But is it ethical? The Calgary Herald looks into it.

Will the Boomers put a burden on our health care system? And do we have a right to be concerned? Everyday Money looks into it.

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