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Money Talks: Volume 39

24 August 2013

With all the different mortgage requirements, household debt stats, and the new CMHC lenders’ limits, is it any surprise that the headlines this week are full of personal finance and mortgage talk? We’ve found the most interesting, and listed them below.

Personal Finance

How do you retire wealthy? By following at least a few of these 16 habits that a guest blogger shared on Boomer & Echo this week.

The cost of parenting has become quite controversial. The Montreal Gazette reports.

Do fewer bathroom breaks make you a more successful business person? Michael Bloomberg seems to think so. The Huffington Post reports.


Rates are rising but yet investors fail to see the danger. Everyday Money reports on a survey showing just how insignificant this rise is.


Are you in over your head with your mortgage? The Mortgage Options blog has five different signs that will help you tell.

Should you really use your HELOC as an emergency fund? Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives you some reasons this week on why you shouldn’t.

Lenders are getting sneakier with brokers, and the clients of those brokers. The Canadian Mortgage Trends blog tells of one instance where this happened.

What’s the difference between a pre-approval and a rate hold? The CanEquity blog explains.

Canadian Finance

Calgarians might be getting all kinds of support after the flooding, but unfortunately the homeowners in Canmore aren’t. The Calgary Herald reports.

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