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Money Talks: Volume 38

17 August 2013

Did you grow up in a frugal family? Will you be working overtime on the Calgary floods? Find out all the answers and more in this week’s edition of Money Talks.

Personal Finance

Are you trying to save but find that something always sabotages those plans? Gail Vaz-Oxlade shows you what they are, and why they’re wrecking your plans.

Here’s a little fun. Check out Boomer & Echo’s 30 signs that you grew up in a frugal family, and then decide whether you did or not.


Do you know what your RRSP deduction limit is? The Canadian Finance Blog tells you how.

Real Estate

The news may have been gloomy the past few months, but as the CREA blog shows, home sales were up in July!

And giving a boon to those numbers, Toronto and Vancouver showed some of the strongest! The Montreal Gazette reports.

How can home renovations make you rich? The RateSupermarket tells you how!


Are you about to renew or purchase a mortgage? The Canadian Mortgage Trends tells you why now is not the time to gamble.

Don’t have an emergency fund? The Globe and Mail tells you how a HELOC could be just the ticket.

Canadian Finance

Lots of news is still coming out about the Calgary floods, and the cost associated with them. Now the government is going to pay for the overtime of any municipal workers.

The good news – there are fewer bankruptcies in Canada. The bad news – they’re being replaced by consumer proposals. Everyday Money reports.

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