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Money Talks: Volume 35

27 July 2013

Those who are looking for summer saving tips will find them in this week’s edition of Money Talks; while those in disaster-hit areas are still trying to get their summer started. We also have for you this week a story about the latest layoffs at BlackBerry, and an in-depth look at mortgages from angles that are often forgotten.

Personal Finance

Looking to do something fun this summer like go out on your boat, or head to cottage country? Want to save money while doing so? This week RateSupermarket has tons of ways to save on summer.

Real Estate

Other than saving of course, another way to have more cash in your pocket is to make a little more of it; and many Canadians are starting to participate in home exchanges, hosting guests, and renting out their homes. This week though, Everyday Money sheds the light on the potential dangers of doing so.


This week Canadian Mortgage Trends looked at getting mortgage approvals – for brokers. While we thought it was a quality article, the comments below it are even more interesting.

But what about home buyers? What do they think about mortgages? The CanEquity blog looks at that this week.

Canadian Economy

Unfortunately, there was more news, and more layoffs, at BlackBerry this week. The Toronto Star reports.

There have been huge storms all across the country this past month. Now, the provinces have started to ask Ottawa to help fund disaster prevention so it won’t happen again. The Calgary Herald has that story.

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