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Money Talks: Volume 34

19 July 2013

Personal Finance

It’s one of the worst things you could do in a marriage, but RateSupermarket shows this week how many couples are still being secretive about spending.

Has technology impacted your banking or investing practices? Boomer & Echo shows how our techno ways have branched into your branches.

Is student debt stopping you from getting on with life? Everyday Money reports on how it’s doing just that to so many.


Have you ever given your mortgage a stress test? Canadian Mortgage Trends shows you why you should be!

Real Estate

This week The Star had such a fantastic infographic showing different home prices in different parts of the GTA, that we just had to show it to you!

Canadian Finance

Stephen Poloz made no major waves this week, as he kept the Bank of Canada’s prime rate where it’s been since September 2010. CREA reports.

There’s more good news as Canada’s EI numbers shrink! The Montreal Gazette‘s got the story.

You always hear about American celebrities giving back in times of disaster. Now the Calgary Herald tells you how some big-time Canadian actors are doing it, too.

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