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Money Talks: Volume 32

6 July 2013

Personal Finance

It’s hard to find much good about recessions. But Boomer & Echo looks at 3 countries that are in recession right now, making for great summer getaways.

Even though those vacations are cheap though, they’ll still cost you money. That’s why Canadian Finance Blog has come up with 6 free things to do with your family this summer.

There’s a difference between being able to purchase a home, and being able to own one. This week Gail Vaz-Oxlade looks at what that is.

Everyone knows that buying local helps the economy. But did you know that it helps your own pocketbook too? Everyday Money looks at how.

Real Estate

The flooding in Calgary is still making all the news. This week it causes The Globe to ask if people in high-risk areas should rent rather than buy.

Good news for homeowners and sellers! Toronto home sales were less than 1% from where they were this time last year.


Canada’s got a new bank! And this week Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at how that may affect your mortgage.

Interest rates may rise sooner than some expected after bank bonds plunged. What does that mean for you? The Winnipeg Free Press digs deeper.

Canadian Finance

Do you think you pay too much for prescriptions? Most Canadians do, and this week CanEquity investigates further.

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