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Money Talks: Volume 24

10 May 2013

You can tell it’s spring because everyone’s talking real estate and mortgages this week; even if areas such as Toronto are still seeing a small drop in their activity level. With this, more tips from Gail Vaz-Oxlade on how to save, and a warning about this coming Victoria Day weekend, there’s lots to get to in this week’s Money Talks!

Personal Finance

Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives real practical advice on how you can save money this month!

Canadian Finance

Alberta reaches top ranks once again, by seeing a drop in their unemployment rate.

Having a party this Victoria Day weekend? Stock up on your cocktails now – the LCBO is planning to strike.


There are lots of ideas on how to pick the perfect mortgage. This week Boomer & Echo is full of tips on how to do it.

30-year mortgages have only been available in Canada to a select few for almost a year. Now though, Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at how 30-year amortizations might disappear altogether.

Mortgage loyalty won’t get you any discounts. CanEquity looks into a BoC survey that shows just that.

Real Estate

It’s the same old story in Toronto. Prices are up, but the market’s not interested. TO Real Blogs gives us the scoop.

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