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Money Talks: Volume 18

29 March 2013

There was a lot of talk about investing this week around the blogosphere, whether it was mutual funds, RESPs, or other types of investing people were talking about. Gail Vaz-Oxlade also brings up a controversial point about keeping your finances separate, or together with your spouse’s; and as always, we’ve scoured the Web and have found for you great personal finance tips, as well as ways to save money and get out of debt.

Personal Finance

This week the Canadian Finance Blog sheds light on one very easy way to save some money – by checking the Energy Star Ratings on your appliances.

Doing some spring cleaning this season? Everday Money shows how cleaning up your finances can save you money, too.

So, should you keep your money with your spouse’s, or have separate accounts? Check out what Gail Vaz-Oxlade has to say about it, and then read the interesting comments under the post.


Are you a landlord? Are you performing regular inspections of your property? The Bigger Pockets blog shows why it’s important that you are.

This week Boomer & Echo wonders: are mutual funds really that bad?

Seems that Albertan parents are making some great choices! The Calgary Herald reports that most of them are investing in RESPs for their children.

Real Estate

Do you have a basement? Is it a cold dark space that you try to avoid at all costs? This week CanEquity shows you how to turn your basement into an asset, not a drawback.


How long should your amortization period be? The RateSupermarket breaks it down for you this week.

What is a hybrid mortgage? The Montreal Gazette examines this unique mortgage product.


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